Aerialympics Nationals Competition 2023

UPDATE June 22, 2023

Hello! I'm Trevor, your photographer. I've been going through all of the photos that I took during the competition on June 10th and 11th and I'm happy to say that galleries are almost ready for your selection!

I appreciate your patience the past two weeks!!

After the event, I tallied up the number of photos taken and it was 126,000 or over 4 Terabytes.

Those all have to be moved, organized, then looked at individually to find the very best. Then once images are chosen, they have to be culled, renamed, edited, cropped, and uploaded. During that process, I have to manually look at each photo and decide which are the ones that you'll consider your favorite.

Just some quick math so you have an idea of how massive that amount of data is. To give you an idea, if that much data were on the largest iPhone, it would fill 4 iPhones completely. If I were to spend one second looking at each photo, it would take 35 hours to simply look at each photo. That doesn't include editing, moving them around on hard drives, etc. It took 3 days to simply move the photos from my cameras to the computer so they could be sorted.

But they are close! The primary goal is to have the selection galleries delivered to you by tomorrow, June 23rd!

Again, I appreciate your patience. Please email if you have any questions I can help with,

Trevor Nielson


Photography Package Purchase Information:

Packages include 10 images, delivered digitally by email.

Additional images will be available to purchase at step 2 for $10/each if desired

Step 1: Purchase the photo package for your section!

  • This is the step you're on right now!
  • The section you purchase below is the proof gallery you will receive, make sure to select the section you perform in
  • Once the competition ends, proof galleries will be emailed out a few days later
  • This is not an automated process. Please be patient as we prepare and send out galleries!

  • The proof gallery email will include a coupon code that you use to get the value ordered in this package.
  • This coupon code will be tied to your name and email address

Step 2: After you receive the proof gallery email

  • The email will have the link and gallery password so you can access the images of the section you purchased
  • Select the included 10 images you want to receive!
  • Use the provided coupon code to redeem your package.
  • Be sure to use the coupon code!
  • Please verify that your total price drops after applying the code
  • The only payment required at this point is if you purchase additional images past the included 10

  • Images in the proof gallery are unedited. Once you submit your selection order, images will be edited and emailed to you
  • Once you have placed your image selection order, photos will be edited and delivered to you digitally as soon as we get them done!

Please Note:

  • Packages may NOT be shared between performers. You may only select photos of one performer per package purchased. If images of multiple performers are selected, images will be automatically replaced at the discretion of the photographer.
  • Divisions cannot be combined. If you are signed up for more than one division, you'll need a package for each.
  • Image re-selection will not be permitted. Refunds are not permitted.
  • All images will be delivered digitally, despite the shopping cart stating there is "free shipping"