Lemon Lime Photography - Dance Influencer Application

We can help each other grow in 2021!


This will be an exclusive, invitation only program I'm making available to a group of selected dancers and influencers. Dancers will be selected through an application process described below.

We succeed better together!

The purpose is to create great content for your feed and then form a group that will help promote each other! As each of us post new content, this influencer group will jump in and help comment, like and share content to help each other grow!

What it includes:

  • THREE included photoshoots during 2021 to help you have some amazing content. The normal price for three shoots is $1125!!!
  • We'll setup a group chat on Instagram where we can communicate with each other for announcements about shoots and to help us cross promote each other (parents encouraged to join)
  • Discounted additional shoots. If you would like to shoot more than 3 times, you will have access to discounted shoots!
  • A free additional image for you if you refer a friend that completes a paid shoot
  • If you refer a friend and you come to help during their shoot, your friend will receive a discount off their package and we'll shoot you in one pose as well

Find out how to apply below!


  • Follow @lemonlimephotog on Instagram
  • Optional but preferred, follow @lemonlimephotog on Facebook
  • Fill out the application form here: https://forms.gle/nsviYKpD5EEVwQWUA
  • Reposting the story or post on your Instagram feed, be sure to tag me so I see it!
  • Application process will close the night of Saturday, Jan 9th.


  • $99 Program Cost
  • The purpose of this fee is to help cover a little bit of the costs involved. It doesn't cover all of my costs. If you really want to do this program and feel this is out of reach for you please reach out and talk to me about it.
  • The included three shoots are no extra cost and each shoot comes with 4 images. If you would like to purchase additional images after the free ones, you are welcome to buy extras
  • The Q1 2021 rate for extra images is $50/each (subject to change)
  • If we decide as a group to do a theme that is costly, I might ask the participants to chip in a little bit to help cover additional costs. We will discuss what this looks like in the chat before plans are finalized
  • Additional shoots will be discounted, just reach out when you're ready to shoot and we'll figure out which package works best and it's discount

Learn important additional information below!


  • If you are under the age of 18, you will need your parent's permission to participate. Please talk with them and make sure they know what the program includes
  • Each shoot will require a shoot contract. If you are under 18, your parent will need to sign in advance
  • We are here to help grow each other's social media presence. That means
  • Please post the images that you get from shoots with proper tagging and credit given
  • All of us will do our best to like and comment on each others' posts! Engagement on social media is key to growth!
  • Posting behind the scenes shots is a fun way to help out each other while letting other people know what you're doing a fun shoot yourself!
  • Every shoot will have at least a 3rd person present. Your safety is paramount. I need to make sure you are safe and I need to keep my reputation safe
  • Most studio shoots will be in my studio in Herriman, UT. There may be some exceptions like:
  • Location shoots
  • If there are enough dancers who want to shoot in an area to make a trip worthwhile

  • This program is experimental this year, it is subject to and will likely change as the year goes on. I will communicate changes with you as we go.

Here are a few samples of my work in 2020: