Westlake Dance Company

Photoshoot 2023

Sand Dunes Photoshoot

I'm so excited to be working with your group again this year for your dance company photos! For this year's photoshoot we'll be traveling South to the sand dunes at Little Sahara, around 2 hours South of Westlake High School.


I've done several photoshoots in the area, and it can produce some amazingly gorgeous photos. It can also be a little bit risky as far as weather goes. You'll notice the photo above is very pretty, but also their eyes are very dramatically closed and hair is going a little crazy. This is partly for drama, but also the wind in the area can get a little strong and it will move the sand around and get hard to work with if not painful.

We're planning to begin shooting at the dunes at 3:30pm on Aug 15th.

There are some things you'll want to keep in mind as we get ready for the photoshoot!

  • Your package includes 4 action shots and 2 headshots. Because we'll be in hot and more extreme conditions, the photos will work out better the more prepared you are for your action shots! Make sure you feel confident and practice your moves in advance. You might also consider having several backup pose options in case something isn't working well with your initial 4.
  • We'll be in the desert! As we approach the photoshoot date, we'll keep a close eye on the weather prediction. If the wind is predicted to be high, we'll use a backup location option near the Capitol
  • It will be dirty and hot! There really aren't any shady areas to hang out in while waiting for your turn to shoot. Please wear sunscreen and bring lots of water to keep hydrated. Maybe also bring wet wipes or options to clean yourself if things start getting too dirty.
  • There are restrooms available nearby. You can use these for changing, but if I remember right, they're vault toilets not running water toilets. Keep that in mind.
  • I believe the outfit colors are reddish/maroon colors!
  • I'll be coordinating a schedule with your officers to keep things running smoothly. Please anticipate your place in the schedule so we can be efficient with our time. We're going to work on team photos first, then we'll take group photos of Seniors, Juniors, then Sophomores. You'll also have a videographer there filming some routines while photos are being taken. A more finalized schedule is coming.
  • I'll be bringing in a second photographer that has the same professional dance photography training that I have. That will help us keep a similar style in photos. We'll watch as we take your photos to try to coach out your best technique. Please keep in mind, we'll have a limited amount of time per person. So knowing what you're going to perform in advance will help keep things running smoothly. I would also encourage you to have a few backup pose options just in case something isn't working out with your first choices.

As there is updated information, I will try to keep this page updated as well. Check back later.

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The second photographer is Amanda Tipton, she's on instagram too:


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. You can reach me at lemonlimephotog@gmail.com

Looking forward to working with you!

Trevor Nielson

Lemon Lime Photography