2021 Lemon Lime Photography Influencers

Alyssa Walker - 16

Hi! My names Alyssa Walker! I dance at Lifehouse Performing Arts Academy and for the Maple Mountain Dance Company. I have been dancing for 6 years and it is my passion! I dance jazz, ballet, contemporary, and modern equal amounts! I've been in a commercial for the famous brand Younique as well as the lead dancer in many dances and shows. I often travel for dance intensives and conventions! I am easy to work with and would love to be apart of this program. I absolutely am in love with dance and would love to work and create with you!

Anna Forsyth - 20

I’ve been dancing for 10 years, including taking advanced level classes during my time at BYU. I focus mostly on contemporary, jazz, and partner work. I did a shoot with baby powder a few years ago that turned out really cool. I’d love to try it again now that I have more dance and photography experience. I also have experience with partnering and lifts that could bring a new and interesting dynamic.

Austyn Farnsworth - 18

I have been dancing for 15 years, and my favorite style is Jazz! I am currently studying dance education at Utah Valley University and love it! I think it would be way fun to do a shoot with the smoke bombs in the sand dunes!

Ava Dalton - 8

I have been dancing for 5 years and tumbling for 6. I dance a lot of styles but love hip hop and ballroom most. I love to have fun with my dance fam and always get so excited when I can pass off new tricks! I love making dance videos and taking pictures! 

Brynlee Gruber - 7

I've been dancing and tumbling my whole life. I love flipping through the air and being wild 🤸‍♀️ I dance many styles including hip hop, jazz, ballroom, and lyrical. My mom has alot of creative ideas that I think would be really fun, and we could collab with the Dalton's too.

Gemma Leonard - 13

I have been dancing for more than 10 years. I dance contemporary, pointe, lyrical, modern, ballet, ballroom, hip hop, and tap every week. I think it would be fun to do decade specific photoshoots that match the look and style of dance for that time period, especially with that decade's music playing during the shoot.

Hailee Dalton - 16

I’m Hailee and I have been dancing for 11 years! I dance mostly hiphop and Latin Fusion but I really enjoy almost every style of dance! I love when I dance and it’s powerful enough that others feel it no matter what emotion it is. I have lots of creative shoot ideas I would love to try but I really want to do something Avant Garde and artsy, Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland style. Hai

Hannah DeGrey - 14

I have been dancing for 5 1/2 years, mostly ballet. I think like a human puzzle photo shoot would be super fun. Hannah was recently Clara for this past year's performance of The Nutcracker at the Barlow Arts Conservatory.

Jackson Stillman - 15

I have been dancing since I was 9 years old. I am trained in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and ballroom. I have trained with Center Stage performing arts studio. Jacqueline’s School of Ballet, and I am a member of the Ethos company at Aspire Dance Academy. I am also a member of Rhythm Nation Tap Company. If you go to my Instagram you can see that I love pics and having fun while doing them. My favorite styles of dance are contemporary, ballet and tap. I LOVE dance, and the studio is my home away from home. It would be a huge privilege to work with you.

Kambree Panter - 12

I’ve been dancing since I was born, started lessons just before I turned three and dance and like all styles of dance; pointe, lyrical, jazz, ballroom, tap, hiphop, etc and have been competing with top teams for the last 7 years or so

Keeley Hill - 14

My name is Keeley Hill and I am turning 14 in a few weeks. I have been dancing with The Dance Company in Salt Lake City, Utah since I was three, and I have been dancing for a total of 11 years. I do contemporary and lyrical dancing the most, but I also to ballet, pointe, jazz, improv, tap, and hip hop. I am a competitive dancer so I have lots of experience in performing and dancing for others. I have been dance modeling for about 6 months now, and I've done previous photoshoots with @monicamatthewsphotography and @rocketsaltdance on Instagram. Because of this, I am very comfortable in front of the camera. If I were to be selected to work with you, I would love to do a smoke bomb or water photoshoot. Some locations I would like to work at include Trolley Square, the Utah Capitol building, or the temple in Salt Lake. In general, I would be excited to shoot anywhere! Thank you so much for considering me.

Maile Edwards - 15

I have been dancing for 14 years and do all styles my strong points are modern dance and ballet but I am very photogenic and can hip hop/jazz style photos. I am very original and am easy to work with. I can step out of my comfort zone so if you ask me to do something I can do it! I think that doing a shoot downtown or in a city area would be great or having a black background with dramatic lighting and could use a scarf or something flowey as a prop.

Paetyn Fredrickson - 12

I have been dancing since I was three, comp dance since I was 6. I take all styles weekly, but enjoy lyrical and contemporary. I am experienced in taking dance photos. I have worked with a couple other photographers. I found it to be something i love to do and I want to pursue. Idea wise, I've seen some large boxes (able for us to fit in) and we really have to use the space, in them.

Reagan Murdock - 12

I have been dancing since I was two. I dance all styles. I dance contemporary, ballet, pointe, hip hop, house, breaking, tap, and ballroom. I am a 3 year member of Junction dance company teen team. I am also a member of The Dance Centre’s Elite competition team. I compete at about 12 competitions each year, including conventions. In addition I perform with Junction dance co in 4-5 shows each year. I have had the opportunity to dance and perform with the Mormon Tabernacle Choirs Christmas concert a few times, along side Kristin Chenoweth, Hugh Bonneville, and Sutton Foster. In addition I have danced in Mountain West Ballet’s Nutcracker for several years.

I love dance. I love to express myself through movement, as well as challenge myself to try new things. I am very expressive. Photoshoots are so fun to me because it captures my passion, creativity, growth, and love of the sport, and I can share that with others.

I think it would we really fun do a city scene, a sand dune or Southern Utah shoot, and maybe eventually the group could plan a NYC (my favorite place on earth) trip.

I think I would be a good candidate for your program because although I am newer to the social influencer scene, I am gaining momentum. I am good friends with many other social media influencers. I am close friends with many people in the Utah dance scene, from many different programs. My reach isn’t to just to my local studio. I am also passionate about this program and could dedicate a lot of time to see it grow.

Thank you for your consideration and I hope to work with you soon.

Taylee Lybbert - 17

I have been dancing since I was 3 years old. I do all styles of dance, but some of my strongest ones are ballet and acro. I dance on a team at Aspire dance academy and I am a member of the Skyridge drill team.