Pricing & Packages

I want your dance images to feel like you at your very best


Starting at $279

Capture your creative ideas through exquisite fine art creative dance photography. We'll collaborate to create masterpiece levels of art!


Starting at $250

These are simple, beautiful and elegant shots, usually on a seamless white background. The emphasis for every shot is to showcase your technical ability. I will coach you as we go to get your absolute best technique possible!


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These are location adventure photoshoots for dancers! Let's get outdoors and create some stunning images together. Pricing is similar to creative, but varies a little bit based on travel difficulties and other factors

My goal for your dance photoshoot

So many times as a dance dad, I've dropped off my daughters at class and they work for months with only a few hours of performance to mark the completion of the season. But the dancer doesn't get to watch, and they get constant corrections in class. It can get discouraging for dancers to never be able to actually see what they're creating and feel they're not good enough. They might not even be able to see the progress they're making through the years and the beauty their art is bringing to others

I have the training and ability to change that. I want dancers to be able to see and have a memory of their best selves. Every dancer is different. You have different areas of expertise and different areas I may need to help coach to get your best shots possible. Your shoot will be tailored to your needs as a dancer and your goals.

Focus on Quality

Each photo we create together will be it's own masterpiece. I encourage costume changes in between each pose, we completely change the lights for every pose. You and I will work hard to make sure every photo is unique and beautiful. This takes time. I run my shoots this way because if it were me getting photos taken, I would rather have 6 amazing shots than 40 that all kind of look the same.


I'll send you my current pricing list, just fill out the contact form to request it. I feel that every dancer deserves to have amazing photos of themselves. I've priced my lowest package aggressively low to make sure everyone can afford it. But I also have lots of extras that are really fun to play around with when you upgrade to a higher level package! Some of the upgraded features include: weekend shoot dates, unlimited costume closet access, multiple background changes, larger final image sizes, downloadable proof gallery, future shoot discounts, invitation-only bonus shoots, B&W bonus gallery, Silk fabrics to play with, etc (detailed in the pricing brochure).

If for some reason you aren't able to afford the base package and it would create a financial hardship for you, please reach out and we can work out a way to address that


How do I book?

Fill out the form or email me!

Then, I'll send you all of the package options. Once you've made a selection, we'll pick dates.

Now the fun begins! This is the part where we start talking about themes!! We'll figure out where we want to shoot, backgrounds, special effects, wardrobe, makeup, styles, all that kind of stuff!

Will you post my photos on social media?

Yes, I will try to!

I always try to post photos from sessions. However, I'm very behind on social media at the moment, but will definitely try and get you included in the feed. If I'm not posting fast enough, feel free to remind me if this is important to you!

When will we get our photos?

I try to have your proof gallery back to you to make your final selections within a week. After that, I try to have your edits finished in two weeks after you've made your final choices.

Can you tell me about dancer safety?

Safety is my number one priority.

I could end there, but some details: My studio is the only photography studio in Utah that has a sprung floor built specifically for dance photoshoots to avoid injury. I'll make sure the dancer has plenty to time to warm-up and get ready. I also won't push dancers past their ability levels.

Dancers have a private changing room to use as well. Additionally, you and your dancer can watch live as we take each photo. Every photo will be displayed on a large TV so you can verify that the shoot is going in a way that you approve of!



"Trevor was super professional to work with, not to mention very talented! He came extremely prepared for the shoot which made it easy to work with him and bring a vision to life. It’s evident that Trevor has invested a lot into his photography business and is very committed to his art."

—Emily Carlson