Dance Company Photography

Each dance company does things a little different. If it's helpful, we can meet and talk through what you need as a company and figure out where I can help you.

Here are some EXAMPLES of options:

  • In-class marketing shots
  • Audition photos
  • Performance and live-action photography
  • High-quality video of your performance
  • Individual action/posed photos
  • Program marketing shots
  • Company headshots
  • Location shoots
  • Group photos
  • Creative shoots

I can help with any of the options above where you need it, or I can build a custom package that meets your needs that includes all of what you need for the season

Above is an example of a program cover we shot and designed for Atlas Dance Collective

Let me give you an example:

Recently, Westlake Dance Company asked me to do their beginning of year dance shots for the company that included class shots, headshots and individual action shots. We priced it so it was a per dancer fee. So I built 3 packages for them and found that their budget landed in between two of the packages. So we adjusted a custom package to match their budget and included the most images possible.

They also knew they wanted the photoshoot to happen on a blue background for the headshots and individual shots, but weren't exactly sure what kind of blue they wanted. So I brought a dancer to my studio and did a test shoot for them in advance (at no charge) and presented 5 different blue background options for them to choose from for their shoot:

They selected kind of a mix between D & E. That made it easy to know what equipment to bring to their studio to get the right shots:


Having a company headshot for each dancer is so important for use in performance programs, website development and even social media marketing. There are so many options here and I'll help you get your specific style. They can be more traditional, goofy or fun, colorful, dramatic, you name it!

Cast and Groups Photos

There are so many options here, you can go with traditional groups on white paper, on the stage, at a beautiful location, color backdrops, painted backdrops

So many more....

I'm low pressure, if you want to just chat about options, let me know and we can do it at your convenience.

Just let me know and we can setup a good time!

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