Synergy Academy

Photoshoot Schedule - 2023

Directions at the bottom of this page

* Schedules subject to change (especially if they are further away)

(subject to change, check back here for most current schedule)

Plan to arrive at the studio 15 minutes before your assigned time or before group photo time, whichever is earlier!


Vibe 6:45-7:45pm

Group photo: 7:45pm

Vibe cont 8:15-9:00pm

Use this Google Maps

Link to get here:

If this map pin sends you to the wrong place,

the address of the home across the street is:

5204 W Woodsmere Ln
Herriman, UT 84096

Please don't knock on the house door,

the studio is across the street!

This is the studio!

Please be courteous to neighbors as you arrive and try to not park behind driveways on the street.

How to prepare!

  • Have pose options ready to go before you arrive! Have a backup pose or two ready as well. Try to keep them to the level that your dancer is able to complete quickly. If you want to try something advanced, we'll want to capture the easier ones first. We have a very limited amount of time, so if something isn't working we have to move on quickly!
  • Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before either your session or the Group Photo time!
  • Have nails and hair looking nice!
  • Avoid having entry stamps on hands, marker on bodies, etc! (You would be surprised how often this happens)
  • Wear clothing that matches your poses! Really puffy shoulders with a C-Jump will fly up in front of the dancer's face, etc.
  • If you want headshots done as one of your photos, just let us know that before your session begins!

Pose Options

You can bring any poses you want to try! Here are some sample pose ideas for you to checkout!